History of Corporation “Siberian Health” began in 1996 when two young twentysomethings entrepreneur created the company to promote the mass market perspective Russian scientific developments in the field of human health. The idea to support local development in the period of absolute dominance of imported products was truly revolutionary. In just 5 years, the range of the Company has increased several times from three modest products to hundreds of a variety of items, many of which have become leaders in the Russian market.

High demand for the Corporation “Siberian Health” very soon raised the question of the establishment of its own production, as the production capacity of scientific partners of the Company no longer cope with the ever-increasing turnover. And in 1999 launched the first production facility of the Corporation “Siberian Health”.
In 1999 he launched the first production facility of the Corporation
“Siberian Health”

Following this, in 2001, was created and Scientific Innovation Centre, which combined all the scientific partners of the Corporation “Siberian Health”. This has allowed to establish a permanent scientific exchange and to create new recipes and products that already in 2007, received the first patent.
In 2001, established its own Research and Innovation Center, and in 2007 received the first patent

Appearance in the range of the Corporation “Siberian Health” own proprietary products based on wild medicinal plants made ​​it possible to output the companies on the international market with a competitive offer. And since 2004, began active promotion of the Company’s brand in international markets.
Today, the corporation “Siberian Health” successfully works not only in Russia,
where already opened 79 corporate representation in 68 cities.

The company has offices in 22 countries!

Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic, Mongolia, USA, Azerbaijan Republic. Moldova, Lithuania,
Rep. Belarus, Latvia, Turkey, Vietnam, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Slovakia.

At the same time every year expansion of the Corporation “Siberian Health” is gaining momentum. To ensure the growing trade, the Corporation “Siberian Health” in 2007 opened a new modern production facility, but only three years later, in 2010, carries out its modernization and another large-scale expansion. The company is constantly increasing the range, bringing to market more than 25 new products annually and timely updating of the existing formulation based on the latest scientific achievements and innovations.
In 2007, the Corporation has opened a new, modern production facility.
But the most important thing in the 18-year history of the Corporation “Siberian Health” –
this Success Stories Partners.

History of thousands of ordinary people, who, through their hard work have been successful regardless of age, sex, education, were able to steady monthly income, the opportunity to realize their wildest dreams, travel to great places in the world, often – for the first time in my life!

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