Research and Innovation Center
Corporation “Siberian Health”
Research and Innovation Center – a division of the Company, which is engaged in biological research, the development of new biologically active additives to food and programs for their application.

The Company maintains a fruitful collaboration with research institutions in creating competitive products, aimed at the preservation of health.

Structure of Research and Innovation Centre
Science and Education otdelNauchno tsentrProizvodstvennaya base

The objectives of the research included the establishment of a scientific partnership with leading research institutions, the search for promising developments and technologies, as well as testing the effectiveness of biological products of the Company. The main outcome of the scientific department is to create your own recipes, which may eventually become new biologically active additives Corporation “Siberian Health”.
In the scientific and educational departments of the company are professional journalists and lecturers who are preparing training materials and video presentations on the Corporation’s products, as well as conduct regular information sessions on production in different regions of the country.
Manufacturing base allows to implement cutting-edge developments of Russian scientists and specialists of scientific and innovation center in new products that Corporation “Siberian Health” every year produces an amount of more than 10 titles. Equipped with modern production lines with a total capacity of up to 120 000 packaging product per day makes the production process more productive.

The ideology of science and innovation center

Research and Innovation Center Corporation “Siberian Health” performs a noble mission to support national science and practical application of promising developments of Russian scientists. Potential of Russian science is recognized around the world, however, due to economic difficulties, not all domestic developments reach the Russian consumer. But most of them are a real achievement in science.
The main activities of Research and Innovation Centre

Search for promising technologies and biologically active substances developed national research institutions.
Development of formulations of new biologically active additives to food.
Extensive testing the effectiveness of new biologically active additives to food.
Development programs for implementation of biologically active additives to food.
Information activities: preparation of printed and video materials, software, and seminars on health issues and complex use of biologically active products.

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