“Siberian Health” – a modern international company that is laying a new milestone in its development as caring about his? Partners and customers, and the environment. And today, we boldly declare a new concept of creating beauty products – EK Opodhoda this philosophy. Our experts have discovered and created new GREEN RECIPES – a formula with a maximum content of components of natural origin that do not contain a number of chemical components.

Our products allow you to live a comfortable life, enjoying all the benefits of civilization, but at the cellular level to remain in harmony with nature, its strength and purity.

Principles of our production:
Maximum use of vegetable raw materials
We use wild grasses, plants and berries Siberia, Altai and Lake Baikal, with high bioactivity.

Refusal of potentially hazardous components
We excluded from the harmful petrochemicals Parabens, tiazolinony, phenoxyethanol and traditional components and replaced them with the components of the plant? origin.

Texture, akin skin structure
We create our products based on substances, emulsifiers, similar types of building material of skin cells Which increases the efficiency of penetration of active substances.

Manuals for products can be found on Manualsdump.com

Maximum environmental friendliness and biodegradability means
All natural ingredients are derived from renewable Plant material, which does not allow to destroy the structure of the skin.
We do everything to ensure that you always stay Healthy and beautiful!